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What To Expect


What Can Coaching Really Do For You?

Coaching has been defined primarily by what it is not — it is not therapy and it is not consulting.

The reason for this is that coaching is a process — and the value of coaching comes from the relationship itself, what is co-created between coach and client. 

Yes, coaching can help you shorten the learning curve, and move toward your true potential. But each coaching relationship will look a little different.

What is the process?

First, I help you uncover your true, natural strengths, sometimes called Signature Strengths – the ones you can sign your name to. Coaches believe in the creative resourcefulness of their clients. There are undoubtedly some strengths that you don’t even realize you have, or are not fully exercising.

Your Signature Strengths are undeniably who you are. You may as well start leveraging them.

When you start operating from a strengths perspective, you will have the resources that buffer you in times of stress and shorten the learning curve in reaching your goals.

Then we examine your goals. Are these truly the goals that are right for you now? Are they big enough? Are they from your heart? If so, great! 

We start to define which goals are your highest priority, what it would be like to get there, and what steps you need to take.

Then we look at your challenges, what circumstances, beliefs or feelings are getting in your way.

Coaching helps you have better conversations with yourself.

You make better decisions with more clarity that are more in line with your overall plan.

Working with a coach helps you eliminate the barriers, or perceived barriers, that can prevent you from achieving your goals. Coaching helps you take your goals more seriously, focus more intently and stay committed longer.

I am in an area where there aren’t many coaches, how do I find out about hiring one?

It is not essential to be geographically close to your coach. Most coaching is done by telephone. I have clients all over the US and in Spain, England, Canada,  etc.

Can You Help Me?

Health goals are among the most difficult, yet most important goals. 

Here's What People Say About Dr. Solomon...

"You have been so instrumental in my life so quickly . . . 

I have lost 25 pounds with your coaching and I am still losing!" 

"Hi! I have forgotten to thank you for the help of your book and newsletter. With the tips and support, I have lost 19 pounds!!! It's amazing . . .I feel better about myself and I feel better about my relationship with food. Your newsletter has helped me make a complete lifestyle change . . . I am still losing now! Thanks!!!" 


"I'm getting compliments all over the place and it feels great. I am learning to "feel" my feelings, and eat only for nutrition . . . to finally see results feels great! 

To not be "fighting" or "preoccupied" with food finally is very freeing to me . . . with your support I can do this." 

Hi Carol- 

"Just wanted to take a quick moment and say thank you 

so much for your help. You might not realize just how much you have helped me with a battle that I couldn't win. 

I was very heavy two years ago, and I managed to lose the majority of the weight (was 230, now 145), but I began to struggle with keeping it off and the binge eating was coming more and more frequent. I read your book at 155 lbs. and I stopped dieting the very next day, and I am now proudly at 145. I have my "cheat day," usually Sunday after grocery shopping, but I am doing so much better than I have in a year with maintaining my weight and realizing what I am doing when I am doing it. 

Thank you, you gave me the best advice anyone ever 




Dear Carol, 

"Just wanted to let you know that I downloaded your "Lose Weight Now- Stay Slim Forever" and absolutely loved it. I've lost 5 1/2 lbs this past week (I have a digital scale that weighs in 1/2 lb increments) with relatively little effort. 

What was amazing to me is the amount of food I had been consuming with little or no thought. I cut my portions in half and was totally satisfied- it really helped to give myself permission to eat more if I really wanted it but amazingly, I never did. Gaining control (at least for now!) over my eating gave me the confidence to start exercising again so 30 minutes on the treadmill is having its obvious benefits also. 

For the first time in years, I have hope. My husband is going to start reading the book so I'll keep you posted on his progress as well!" 



"I've been a compulsive eater for over 20 years, and I am finally feeling in control, thanks to your ebook, which I downloaded and read. Eating mindfully has been the single most important discovery for me . . . thanks so much for what I've gained from you so far. I suppose you know how horrifying compulsive eating is, and how freeing it is to be eating according to what my body needs. I've heard some of your philosophies before, but somehow the way you articulated them finally clicked for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you." 

Catherine F. 

"Hi, I just received your ebook a few days ago as well as your newsletter and all I gotta say is . . . THANK YOU! Just in the last few days my brain is starting to feel some peace! I have had weight struggles ever since I can remember and although I love to work out (5 days per week), I just can't seem to get hold of my eating habits. I was looking for a kind way to lose weight instead of the old patterns of beating myself up, wanting to binge and overeat. I can identify with every point you made in your book and I am definitely eating more "mindfully". 

Just today, I was at Starbucks and ordered a coffee cake and coffee and only ate 3/4 of the coffee cake!!! That is completely unheard of for me!! And then I threw out the rest . . . ALLELUJAH!! I keep telling myself that I am in control and I can eat again whenever I want so there's no need to stuff myself if I'm satisfied. I am listening to myself and it feels good oddly enough. I don't think I've ever done that about food before. Thanks again-it is just what I have been looking for and needing for myself."

Dena D. 

Dear Carol, 

"I just wanted to say thank you. For some reason I found your book on the internet when I've been searching for "diet secrets" on the net for years. It's changed my life - I'm not just saying that - it really has. 

For the first time in I don't remember how long, I'm actually losing weight. I think of myself as being successful in both my career and my relationships but my weight was the one thing that had me beat - I just kept getting heavier. Now I'm feeling in control again and even though I've only lost 1.5 kgs and I have a long way to go, I know that I can achieve my goals. 

Incidentally I only downloaded your book last week and I am actually feeling good about food again. If I'm hungry, I eat and I eat whatever it is I'm craving, but I enjoy every mouthful rather than wolfing it down and not even remembering what it was I ate - this is making all the difference." 

Thank you for your inspiration and wisdom. 

Kind Regards, 

Julie A.

Dear Carol, 

"Coaching has been such a successful endeavor that I wanted to thank you and have you share the story with others. I have bounced back and forth with weight/diet issues forever, with endless frustration and failure, despite every attempt at attacking this problem with every resource I could find. 

The plain sense wisdom in your book, coupled with regular telephone appointments when I knew I would be accountable, and when I could get help with specific problems, created just the right atmosphere for me to tackle this issue again. 

In the process, you also gave me the opportunity to talk about the very difficult personal issues that stood in the way of my resolving the weight problem. That was exactly what I needed to enable me to take effective action and change my life. I can't tell you how thrilled I am and how grateful I am for your help. 

Many, many thanks." 


"I wish everyone could have someone like you to talk to. It makes such a difference in my life. It doesn't make things feel so big and far off. It is so motivating and encouraging. You make me think of things, plant seeds in a way that pushes me forward." 


"The workshop really pushed me to reassess my relationship with food. Let me give you an example. This morning was a great morning for me. I got to work and was kind of stressed out. Had my yogurt. But really wanted more. Knew it had nothing to do with food and all about soothing myself. Instead of strong arming myself into not getting food. I decided that I was going to give in to it and get something but... I had to make sure that what ever I got was really what I was craving. I went to the cafeteria and browsed the prepackaged cakes and things, the candy aisle, the ice cream freezer, the donuts, the cookie aisle. And nothing... nothing did it for me. I bought nothing!! The act of looking made me realize that I really didn't want anything to eat. 

Hah!! How do you like that?" 

"Thank you so much for your book. I have only read the first 24 pages, but I feel like this information will truly change my life forever. I feel like a huge burden has been lifted from me." 


"Being coached by Dr. Solomon helped me gain a clearer understanding of what I need to do to keep moving towards the next level. Her focus, compassion and playfulness made the coaching experience both fun and productive. I encourage you to let her help you fine tune your game." 

Rick W.

"I received your phone call last night. Thank you so much for your quick response. It was a real encouragement to me yesterday. Your words have already changed my crazy thinking. I am excited to put what I learn into practice. My goal is to lose 20lbs. Thank you so much again for your time and consideration. It is a real surprise to see such personal attention this day and time." 


"Once again many thanks for your help. I am impressed with your very clear and detailed explanation of why diets do not work. I am about half way through your book and 

continue reading with excitement. I do believe you have found the answer!! It is very frightening to buy food that was once on the "bad" list but at the same time there is sense of rebellious freedom!" 

"I am going to refer this to others that struggle with diets. It is so very common in my line of work to see diet lunches and hear talk of the best diet ever. I am a teacher and we know zip about t how to keep weight off. Thank you again Carol for your help. I have been in a Biblical study. I was able to lose my 20lbs and an obsession with food but found that I felt spiritually guilty if I slipped. I felt so guilty that I went into a nutty cycle all over again. Still I have not forgotten how great it feels to eat when truly hungry. 

Also all fear is taken away if a party or dinner date is planned. Have a great day. After reading the first half of your book, I am convinced I will not ever diet again." 

Thank you, Carol! 



"Thank you so very much for your book. It is clear and makes total sense. I have decided once and for all to not diet ever again. Just telling myself this statement has lifted a tremendous burden from my shoulders. I did not realize how much time I spend reading and studying how to lose the next ten pounds only to be frustrated. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed going to restaurants this weekend without dreading my usual chicken and veggies. 

I am starting to replace all diet food with real food again. 

It is a relief and I am already feeling better and losing weight. I went crazy buying all the goodies I once thought were bad and was afraid to have around the house. My goal in this next year is to be a certified personal trainer. I would like to use your approach to eating with my potential clients. I am active and have found that your way of eating does not affect my energy levels. When I do get certified, would you mind if I suggest your website as a means of getting their eating under control?" 

Have a great week Carol and thank you so much again for your help.

Best regards, 


Good morning Carol, 

"I think everyone needs to know about this approach to eating. At this time I feel like I am a kid again. I am remembering how I used to eat when I was five and was disgusted to eat until stuffed. After reading your book last week I have already lost lbs. I have eaten at Italian restaurants, Wendy's, had ice cream for dessert and eaten foods I haven't touched in twelve years. What a pleasure! 

After reading your book I am convinced that dieting is wrong mainly because it focuses one's mind always on the future and not in the present. It also makes one want more food than is necessary and creates a greediness that is not attractive! In addition one's mind is always working and thinking of food and ways to get the weight off. What a waste of precious brain power. 

Thus far I have lost weight and I know others will lose weight and hopefully the preoccupation with food. 

Thank you so very much again Carol for your insight. Use any of my letters as a encouragement to others to stop dieting." 

Best regards, 



"I just read your book on line (my printer wouldn't print it for some reason), and made lots of notes! I LOVE what you shared and the concise outline of a recipe for a more fully lived life! I've been exploring and learning a lot of these concepts on my own, but I didn't yet pull it all together. And there it is! You did for us. The universe really does provide doesn't it? We only need to notice the small miracles. 

I'd like to share with you that just since I downloaded the book, (even before I read it) some incredible change has happened. I've been free of food compulsion now for three days!! For me that's another miracle. All I've done was to notice (some of the time) what I was eating and how it tasted. 

I just haven't even thought about food and when I made bacon for the kids this morning, there was a piece left and I only ate half of it at lunch without any sense of deprivation. Also I had a whisper of a memory of what eating used to feel like when I was a child. It was more of a chore then anything. I actually didn't like to eat because it felt like a waste of time! 

I don't remember feeling this free. 

Thank you sooo much for the depth and completeness of your work. I now weigh about 205 lbs. (don't have a scale at home on purpose because I became obsessed with it) and think my natural body weight is probably around 140 -155. As you advised, I'm not focusing on the outcome, just on the moment at hand, one meal at a time, intending to pay attention to other aspects of my life and let natural law take place."

With gratitude, 


"Dear Carol, thank you for a wonderful experience on Saturday. I enjoyed the teleclass tremendously and feel that my mind has been expanded. You and Bill Woods were inspiring leaders, and I thank you for sharing this wonderful adventure with me." 

All the Best -- 


"I read half of it on the computer last night. I think I can do this.....I already feel a sense of relief. Thanks," 


Dear Carol,

"I downloaded my copy of your fabulous book last weekend I was so excited and read the whole thing in one sitting. I cried with joy as I turned each page and said yes yes!! 

I am really making a conscious effort to apply the principles I have learned from your book. I realized a few years ago that dieting has not worked for me or anyone that I know. I have been in a support group that helps me struggle against the pull of the diet. 

The steps you outlined in your book also support me and give me a clear path to follow. Before I got your book I think I was at the stage where I had binged on all of the evil foods that were previously forbidden this process took me about two years as I whittled my way through each of the foods I had sworn off. Then I seemed to go through a stage were I was lost and was very reluctant to add what I considered healthy type foods that I would only eat when I was on a diet, to my food choices. 

I had maintained my weight after an initial gain but need or desire to lose 30 lbs. over the last little while I have been craving foods that I previously only allowed myself to eat in the diet stage. I know am allowing myself what I consider a good range of foods. I am negatively affected by the scale-dragon but believe by the feel of my clothes that I have lost a few pounds. 

Many thanks for sharing your knowledge with me and I hope to do the same for others some day real soon." 

In Faith 


"Hi Carol - I've read your book and embarked upon what will hopefully be a new life path. Already, I've been amazed to discover that I haven't actually TASTED food in years! 

Once I sat down and started to pay attention to what I was eating, I discovered some amazing things! Plus, as you've said, once I gave myself the emotional freedom to eat whatever I want, I've found that I don't even crave some of the things I used to crave! 

Furthermore, I find your newsletter very helpful. I'm usually annoyed by receiving newsletters, but I find that receiving them helps keep me on the right track. Just getting a little reminder helps!" 

Thanks a lot, 


Dear Carol, 

"I am excited and hopeful now. I also do not have any issue with food now and am still losing about 1 pound per week. 

Most of all, I want you to know I just love the Native American flaw idea. That helps so much. Last night my flaw was a lemon shortbread cookie from the health food store. It was only 100 calories and I was happy schnappy! I hope you are well. I am very excited to see all the success you are having with your groups! 

You Go Girl! (That's what they say here in the South.)" 

Native American Princess 

Dear Carol,

"This works! Yesterday, I had a bad eating day, but I decided that it does not have to be that way all day today, so I am back on track today. I agree that we cannot be perfect every day and if we slip, we have to get back on. Thank you for reminding me of this. I am sharing your ideas with 2 of my friends and they like this new way of life and they are starting to lose just like I have been. I have lost 8 more pounds. I have now lost 58 pounds! I am so happy that I am going down and not up. It is a good feeling. Thank you for your book and your letters. They help me."


How long does it take?

Now that is a good question! It is different for everyone — it depends on your coaching initiatives. The better I get to know you, the more I can help. There is no standard time frame, but it is generally agreed that successful coaching requires a certain amount of time, commitment and pacing to be most effective. Giving coaching a minimum 3 – 6  month commitment would be very reasonable.

How do I get started?

If you would like to explore whether coaching is right for you, you may contact me through the website to schedule an initial call. I am committed to you getting the right coach for you, and will also refer outside of my business if I know of a better match for you.